the battle within you

dashing into the trees of the dense forest
running away from the world and its tremors
succumbed into your doubts and insecurities
as you broke the ice, plunging into the water

where were you when she needed you the most?
in the middle of a tangled mess you have made
crouched in a corner, shielded from the world
but the problem has always been within you
no point of fleeing -it follows you without fail

break down your walls, breathe in humility
mend your broken heart with forgiveness
start gathering your guts and fix things
it takes two to clap

(and she can’t do much more)



hardships of healing

There was where they met:
in the middle of a crowded sidewalk,
where the hustling bustle of feet
and the hoarse voice of cars
created a disastrous melody.

Their eyes were wide.
Her chuckle hinted nervousness.
His scarlet cheeks signaled shame.
Alas, he cleared his throat
and asked, “How are you?”

That night was a hot night
but her sweat was based on fear.
“I’m doing well,” she replied,
fingers fidgeted with her hair.
“What about you?”

“I’m good.” (he missed her)
“That’s nice to hear.” (it wasn’t)
“Are you…” sirens drowned his voice
but they faded within seconds.
“…with somebody now?”

She hesitated and looked away
Finally she nodded, answering
“Yes.” Pause. “Do you have one?”
He gave a faint mutter: “I do.”
If only it was their wedding instead.

The train on the tracks screeched
above them on an overhead bridge.
It was dark for the few seconds
when they embraced each other,
taking in the familiar scent.

They then parted their ways:
one heading north, the other, south.
Moving on to their destinations,
moving on from each other
-like they have always did.