word barf #8: this is the era

This is the era where people take social media as a serious representation of our lives. Where many filter out the hardships and display the plain ol’ and same ol’ beauty. Where the other party may stumble upon their posts, and feel even much more insecure, because their own lives aren’t as pretty as theirs. Like thick icing on a cake, they make their lives presentable too. This is where the chain reaction begins.

This is the era where people make money and gain fame by copying from one another. Where I see the similar types of clothing on five different girls. Where they promote about skin care brand A at three in the afternoon and then praise skincare brand B two hours later. Where their lives seem magical as though money typically rain at their areas. Princesses –with prince, or no prince (or occasionally different princes).

This is the era where people think so much about solely themselves. Where family is only mentioned on pick one: (mothers’/fathers’/parents’ birth) day. Where occasionally an #appreciationpost for their siblings or friends are put up once every six months (or maybe for the first time because their own Outfit Of The Day was really good in this photo). Where their Instagram grid is full of new faces because “Hey everybody! I have so many many many friends! I am popular!” when honestly, they never spoke more than fifty sentences.

This is the era where people feed off from other people. Perhaps it’s the popularity they want to steal, perhaps it’s the top-notch photography skills they want on their photos. However we can never find out their true incentives (and the truth hurts as well).

This is the era people tries to be different to stand out, and flourish for just that little while. Because people look up to these successors, and inevitably, people will follow. That difference is now shared, and that makes it same. One paradox we can see is the fact that we call hipsters ‘hipsters’ because they stand out for not touching the mainstream, but being a hipster is ironically a trend.

This is the era where we can’t plan a proper road for ourselves in the future. We want everything this instant. We want fame, we want fun, we want these kind of friends. We want them right now. We are so self-absorbed in the short period of time where eventually, all these bits of nonsense will not matter anymore in the near future. (We still want these nonetheless because the future seems far.)

This is the era where insecurities are rising among us. We look at them through social media and think that we are not enough. What we forget is the fact that these platforms veils the drastic imperfections, making them unsearchable.

This is the era where we are much covered in flaws, and instead of accepting them, we have a need to hide them away.

And I too, feel guilty.

a ‘word barf’ is that typical thought post without proof reading and mostly nonsense. it is written and posted because many thoughts run away. and it’s better to write them down before forgetting them. 


The ‘Perfect’ Instagram Feed

Because maintaining your Instagram feed is worse than taking care of a rose bush. In the end it may look nice, but the upkeep of it is bothersome -and one wrong step is disastrous.

@connorfranta’s Instagram aka #InstagramGoals lol

An Instagram feed is basically the photos you post on Instagram. It shows up on your profile and they are arranged in a grid, just like this screenshot on the left.

   Yes, I know. This might not make much sense to some (or probably most) people. But for top Instagrammers, having a clean and orderly feed is the way to go.

   Also, they don’t hurt one’s eyes. All these photos match each other side by side without fail. They harmonise one another so perfectly, they make me want to sob in a corner as I delete all my photos on Instagram.

   I tried having a tidy Instagram feed countless of times. I guess it must have been three years or so trying it. I posted twelve photos at a time, had deleting sprees, and even made another account. Obviously, I failed, and I found the reason why.

To have an Instagram feed that would not give you an eyesore, you usually need to have a theme. Some opt for white and minimal, where their photos are all white and bright. Some, like Connor Franta would go for dark and somewhat rather “moody”. Having a theme is key.

   The step after finding your theme is much harder because it needs discipline. You have to upload photos which suit that theme, and if a particular photo does not, your feed heads for destruction (clearly an exaggeration, but you get me). This is clearly why my own Instagram feed always end up in a mess. I can never achieve the perfect Instagram feed in the long run.

   When 2016 started, I started uploading things I genuinely wanted to display and not because they would help boost my Instagram feed. I posted more faces; my friends and me. Honestly, I gave up on photography in a way -just simply not taking it seriously for now (I’ll pick it up again once my major exams are over). I rather spend all the time with whoever I am than wasting minutes to get one good shot.

   I do admit that I still delete photos, it seems that the Instagram OCD can never get enough of me. Nonetheless I’m trying my best to make my Instagram feed my story -not just some board to display meaningless photos that are pleasing to the eye.